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Now that Starlite Laser Creations has been discontinued (for now, at least), I have more time for pursuing my musical inclination, which I share with my lovely wife Tracy. She writes the lyrics for songs, lets me write and arrange the music (and sometimes does the arrangements herself too), and I accompany her on the piano while she sings. She's got quite a sweet voice (see for yourself!).

I thought I should at least put a link up here so that people can find our music; it is over at Check us out!

My intent is also to put a few audio and/or video files up on this website, but it is the first time I have tried this, so bear with me while I fool around with the website maintenance. In the meantime, at least have a look at the website. (Hey! good news - I got it figured out. See below!)

Then you can come back and look for engraving and cutting services again. Sorry to interrupt your search for engraving, but I couldn't resist bragging about Tracy!


Here are the links to the audio files, and some video files or Youtube videos. 

Here are some of our music files:
 Blue Tears  (No vocals here though - Just me on the keyboard)  
 Cosmodance  (No vocals here either - Just me again)  
 Mystic Mountain  (If you really want to hear Tracy sing, try the videos below...)  

These are the first four of our videos, which are compilations of my photography, set to the audio recording of our songs. Pretty much everything to do with these videos is done by Tracy and myself (see the credits at the end!)

We hope you like them...

Undo Me

First Love


And the most recent addition to the catalog...
Here With Me