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Cut and Engraved Items


Images to be engraved on marble, wood, anodized aluminum, acrylic or glass can be sent to us via email as a .jpg or .bmp file set at 250 dpi or higher. Engraving results depend on the quality of the image as well as the amount of enlarging required.
You can also submit original hand-drawn artworks, digital photos, clipart, output from Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Autocad and other formats, including PDF files. We have even used business cards to scan the logo, and with some editing, produced acceptable results.

We Carry...

We have suppliers for all sorts of items that can be engraved with your images and/or text, including:

Marble, granite, ceramic and laser tiles
The granite comes in standard tile sizes, from 4x4 through 5x7, 6x6, 8x10, 8½x11, and 12x12, all at 1/4 to 3/8" thick. The 5x7 and 8x10 sizes also come in oval shape. Larger sizes are available for headstones and monuments or signs, up to 24" x 36" x 3/4", and from 4x7 to 12 x 24" at 2" thick.
Our marble tiles are the same size range, from 4x4 to 12x12, with ovals(up to 8½x11), circles (up to 18") and heart shapes (up to 12") available in most sizes.  We also carry a large format marble slab, at 18" x 24" x 3/8" In addition to the marble tiles, we have many other marble products, such as obelisk-shapes, triangular prism-shaped name plates, circular boxes with lids, etc. 

Glass - wine glasses, vases, plate glass for dividers, windows, shower doors, coasters, decorative plates, etc

Acrylic - awards, plaques, signs, artworks, crafts, jewelry, displays for commercial showrooms, etc

Wood - plaques, signs, puzzles (jigsaw and 3D), coasters, jewelry boxes, keepsakes, urns, furniture, cabinetry, corporate logos, picture frames, solid inlays for signage, murals, foyer hardwood floor inlaid mandalas, photo albums, busines cards, birthday cards, gifts, jewelry, and even more.

Metals - we can mark many metals with a flat or cylindrical (within limits) surface, for example things like keyfobs, name tags, employee uniform badges, license plates, dog tags, industrial machine parts and ID plates, pens and pencils, flashlights, coffee mugs, computer cases and laptop covers, belt buckles, and so on.
We also have a product called "Alumamark", which is an aluminum sheet coated with a photosensitive coating. It turns black when exposed to the laser energy. The result is a monochrome image much like you'd get from a laser printer, but on a metallic background.
There is also anodized aluminum, in which case the metal is treated with colored paint, and the etching process removes the paint to reveal the metal behind. This is quite effective with black paint on the aluminum, there is much higher contrast than with the marble or granite etchings.

...or you supply...

In addition to those products that we can supply and etch for you, we can also work with products that you may already have at home, or you find or purchase, and you think a particular image or text would look very nice on that object. For instance:

Leather products, like belts, saddle parts and other horse-related tack, wallets or chequebooks, placemats, coasters, whatever!

Wooden articles - Picture frames, keepsake boxes, toys, pen/pencil cases, business card holders, desk name plates, signage. You could even bring in your carvings or sculptures and we could put your signature on each one! This is similar to the old practice of woodburning, where the artist would use a heated pen-shaped iron to scorch the image into the wood. The laser process is much faster, more accurate, and repeatable, and it simply vaporizes the wood, instead of making a black mess.
Stones and rocks - If you find a really cool rock that you'd like to have etched with an image or phrase (poetry? The ten commandments? The rules of the house? The wedding vows?), bring it down! It should be relatively flat on the side that will be etched, with not too many bumps and cracks. All the things that make it attractive to you will make it better  and easier to work with (unless you like round, bumpy rocks!)

Headstones, memorials, urns - If you have a stone picked out, and need it engraved, we can handle it, provided that it's not too heavy. If you can physically carry it into our office by yourself, without the use of a team of horses or a forklift, then we can probably get it on the laser. We also supply marble and granite headstones that are suitable for our equipment.

Household items - If you want things marked with a permanent etching, so that they are uniquely yours, for security or insurance purposes, we can do that too.

Commercial crafts - we provide the service of cutting out small shapes for other companies, to use as the basis of hand-crafted gifts. These clients take these blanks, hand paint and etch them, and decorate them up to add great value and a human touch to the lasered pieces. Also, we offer etching services in bulk, for companies making artwork, or knicknacks or souvenirs.

If you can imagine it, we can probably do it!

Almost anything can be cut out of acrylic, with unbelievable precision and detail!  We can offer custom awards and plaques as well as ornaments and other decorative items in various thicknesses of either cast or extruded acrylic. 

Prices for acrylic cutting are from 6 to 45 cents/lineal inch.
Address bars can created by etching marble or slate, or even regular tile! Tiles are colorfilled after etching to make the graphics easier to read.

We can create them for you with a hardwood base for $75, or if you have your own design, we could create one for you with that too!

Address bars. 4 - 4 inch marble tiles $75
If larger addresses are required, we can add tiles for !$15 each

Metals such as stainless steel, tool steel, chrome, pewter, titanium and aircraft grade aluminum can easily be "marked" with graphics and text using Cermark engraving products.  Cermark is applied to the metal and then engraved, leaving a durable black image on the metal.  This can be used for anything from industrial marking, to license plates, photo frames, coffee mugs and so much more.

Coated metals have a special coating compatible with laser engravers which produces a crisp, clear image.  Anodized metal produces a bright silver white engraving, while Alumamark produces a black engraving and LaserBrite creates a look of polished brass. 


At Starlite Laser Creations we can etch almost any kind of glass from wine bottles to glass doors!  Because of the large table on our laser, big items are no problem!

For brides that want a "special" wine bottle on each table, to the executive that needs a logo etched on a glass table cover, we can do it all!

Prices for etching glass run at 15 cents a letter or $1/sq inch of graphic.

Call or email us if you require an estimate.  Large orders will be discounted.

We can offer a variety of shapes and sizes of marble tile from 3.5 x 3.5 inches to 12 x 12, which can be engraved with almost any image. These one of a kind unique engravings make wonderful and long lasting gifts for almost anyone. To create these unique pieces of art, all we need is photo or graphic of 250 dpi or higher. These can be sent to us via email, and your artwork will be ready the next day! We can also use printed photos. Bring them in and we'll scan them and go from there.

We can engrave ceramic tiles as well, and there are three ways to create an image. First is the actual deep etching into the surface of the tile, to burn away the ceramic glaze on the surface. The resulting recess can be left natural or filled with paint. Second, we have a compound that, when painted on the surface of the tile or an object of pottery, for example, and then lasered, leaves a permanent mark on the surface of the tile. Finally, we have a product called "Lasertile" (have a look at which gives us the capability to do photo-quality greyscale images, that are the inverse of the black marble - that is, they are black-on-white, rather than white-on-black. This is an impressive product, that produces stunning results, similar in appearance to a laser or inkjet printer on paper. Beautiful!

Coated metal frames and wood frames are engravable with text and graphics.

Let us know if we can help you create those special memories!

We have created many products with wood from business cards to coasters, floor medallions and lots more! Images need to be at least 250 DPI in either JPG or BMP format. 

If you have a specific project in mind, let us know. We are affiliated with Weslar Woodwork, and can create anything from unique etched or inlaid cabinetry, to artwork and coaster sets....and much more!
We have a range of sizes of wooden boxes, made of aromatic cedar, maple, and almost anything you can think of. We have prefabricated aromatic cedar boxes, good for jewelry boxes, keepsakes, pen set holders, cigar humidors, you name it! These boxes are finished (lacquered) on the outside, and unfinished inside, so that the aroma of the cedar is quite prominent. Any of the boxes can be etched with your own individual design or text, and we can even inlay solid wood, or paui shell or mother of pearl, whatever you can imagine.