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STARLITE LASER CREATIONS is now out of business, for the foreseeable future.

We were located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We have now moved to Kelowna BC, and have not decided to continue once we are settled, with the situation being somewhat uncertain as of now. Stay tuned...

Starlite Laser Creations was graciously hosted by Apex Upholstery,(, and our operations were conducted in their building. 

The map shown here will get you pretty close, but it only shows where we were, not where we have gone to. The entrance to the building is at the intersection of 71 street and Girard road, which is just behind (south) the ABS casino on Argyll road, around where Argyll turns and becomes the Sherwood Park Freeway. Look for the Apex Upholstery sign on the fence.  Address: 7035 Girard Rd, Edmonton, Alberta T6B 2C4

Phone 780-903-7708
(but chances are you will be disappointed!)

Steve Rosborough

Address was:
7035 Girard Rd, Edmonton, Alberta
T6B 2C4  

Hours of operation:
Not operating anymore.

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