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Marble and Tile

We can offer a variety of shapes and sizes of marble tile from 3.5 x 3.5 inches to 12 x 12, which can be engraved with almost any image. These one of a kind unique engravings make wonderful and long lasting gifts for almost anyone. To create these unique pieces of art, all we need is photo or graphic of 250 dpi or higher. These can be sent to us via email, and your artwork will be ready the next day! We can also use printed photos. Bring them in and we'll scan them and go from there. The full range of sizes and shapes of marble and granite tiles is available on our supplier's website: Unfortunately, that supplier went out of business, so you will have to contact me to get an idea of what is possible currently. Sorry about that!

We can engrave ceramic tiles as well, and there are three ways to create an image. First is the actual deep etching into the surface of the tile, to burn away the ceramic glaze on the surface. The resulting recess can be left natural or filled with paint. Second, we have a compound that, when painted on the surface of the tile or an object of pottery, for example, and then lasered, leaves a permanent mark on the surface of the tile. Finally, we have a product called "Lasertile" (have a look at which gives us the capability to do photo-quality greyscale images, that are the inverse of the black marble - that is, they are black-on-white, rather than white-on-black. This is an impressive product, that produces stunning results, similar in appearance to a laser or inkjet printer on paper. Beautiful!

Marble sample
 Carter on 12" x 12" marble
Marble pricing:

All marble is black and 1/4 inch thick unless otherwise specified.

3.5 x 3.5 inches $20.00 engraved

6 x 6 inches $45.00 engraved

5 x 7 inches $45.00 engraved

5 x 7 inches $65.00 engraved (3/4 inch thick with stand)

8 x 8 inches $65 engraved (round or square)

8.5 x 11 inches $93.00 engraved

7 x 9 inches $110.00 engraved (3/4 inch thick with stand)

12 x 12 inches $120.00 engraved

12 inch diameter $120.00 engraved

If you want a multiple-tile mural, in which the image is split up and etched on many tiles, then a flat rate of $2.50/minute is charged, along with the cost of the tiles.

All prices are in Canadian dollars, and do not include taxes.

We also charge a setup fee for artwork cleanup, scanning, composition, proofing, etc.

There may also be a finishing fee, for things like drilling holes for hanging, creating frames etc.
   Tile etching pricing:

We do not provide ceramic or slate tile, but we can engrave them.

Tiles up to:

4 inches - $20.00

6 inches - $40.00

8 inches - $50.00

10 inches - $75.00

12 inches - $100.00
Fireplace top etched in granite and then painted.
Lasertile Samples, on baby blue tiles

We can engrave almost any size of tile, so if you want to engrave tiles which are different sizes than the ones we have listed you can figure out the cost, as we charge $1/square inch for tiles not listed.
  Marble coasters

A set of 4 coasters in its own marble holder.

$80.00 engraved
  Marble Name Bar

An 8 x 2 x 2 inch polished marble desk name bar which

looks spectacular when engraved with a name or company logo.

$38.00 engraved