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Curious about how a laser works?
How a Laser Works

And Why is it spelled "Laser" and not "Lazer"?
LASER acronym and History

What does Wikipedia have to say about lasers?
In-depth discussion of Laser engraving
Wiki's full entry on Lasers

Maybe you're looking for laser hair removal?
This used to work, but it doesn't anymore:
There is a new link for laser hair removal now:
Engraved Wood

 Starlite began as an offshoot of Weslar Woodwork (we shared shop space), so we have access to woodworking machinery and expertise, along with a full finishing area for laquering, painting, staining, etc. In addition to that, we have several suppliers of pre-finished wood products. They can supply us with all sorts of wooden products. Here are some examples of our work in etching wood products.

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