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Jul 23, 2014

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Starlite Laser Creations - News

'SUP, Dude?
OK, so it's not Christmas 2012 anymore, so it is time for a little update, to let you know what's been going on around here. 

First, Tracy has a new business, that combines the two favorite disciplines in her life - Yoga nad Stand Up Paddle boards.
She is leading classes in Hatha Yoga on land and on the boards (yes, on the water, if you can imagine that!), and teaching basics of paddleboarding, including basic paddling techniques, safety, and all that goes with that, and then she throws in the extra twist - balance on a watercraft while doing your tree pose. Incredible! And quite a lot of fun, for those who might be a little bored with landlubber yoga.

Anyway, have a look at her SUP and Yoga page, which is new to my website. If you'd like to join a class, give her a call - her number is on that page too.

Another thing that we are doing together is recording more of our collaborations in music. We went out to Vancouver Island last month, to record two of our tunes, "Baby Undo Me", and "First Love", at the Belle Isle Studio. Wow! what an experience! We should be getting the final finished master files from the session soon, and we will probably post them on this site (on The Divine Irreverance page), for your listening pleasure. Stay tuned...

As for the engraving and cutting business, one thing that stands out above the other 200 or so jobs that have gone by since my last update is a pick guard for a Fender guitar, for which the client provided artwork by a very talented tattoo artist, and had me engrave it into the guard. I intended to etch it and then paint into the etching, to make a good contrasting image, but the results of the engraving - the laser light on the bare plastic -  were exactly as you see in the image. No touch-ups or painting or anything needed, it was perfect as soon as it was finished being engraved. Awesome! And to top it all off, the color of the natural etching matched the color of the guitar almost exactly as well. what a cool result!

I am really proud of that one. And so is the client!

Well, maybe that is enough news for the moment. stay tuned for further engraving, cutting, musical, yoga, and paddleboarding adventures!